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Within Anglicanism the term churchmanship is sometimes used to refer to distinct understandings of church doctrine and liturgical practice by members of the Church of England and other churches of the Anglican Communion. The three principal forms of churchmanship are Low Church, Broad Church and High Church.
Low Church is now generally also used to refer to the Puritan or Evangelical tradition within Anglicanism and High Church is now generally also used to refer to the Anglo-Catholic tradition. Broad Church is generally used for Anglicans whose churchmanship is somewhere between the Low and High traditions and is much the same as the tradition historically called Latitudinarian.
Within the Low Church tradition of churchmanship there are some distinct variations such as Charismatic Evangelical, Traditional Evangelical, Open Evangelical and Conservative Evangelical. Within the High Church tradition there are variations such as Traditional Anglo-Catholic, Moderate Catholic, Modern Catholic, Liberal Catholic, Prayer Book Catholic and Anglo-Papalist. The terminology used for churchmanship variations can differ from country to country and the same terms can have some differences in meaning in different places.
In Lutheran churches churchmanship can be Liberal Protestant, Pietist, Confessional Lutheran, or Evangelical Catholic.
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